Keeping Your Baby Warm in the Winter With Bamboo Pjs

Keeping Your Baby Warm in the Winter With Bamboo Pjs

Newborns are the most precious, little things—which can be a source of anxiety for new parents who want to keep them safe and well cared for! Because their little bodies are used to a cozy, temperature-controlled environment before they’re born, it can be difficult for some new babies to regulate their body heat and stay warm enough without a little help.

This is made more difficult by the fact that the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) encourages having babies sleep in an empty crib with no pillows or blankets! So how do you keep your baby warm while they’re sleeping, especially in the colder months of winter?

Choose the Right Outfit

Regulating body heat at any age comes down to the fabrics you wear. Heavy fabrics such as fleece may keep your baby warm, but they can make your baby too warm and irritate their skin.

Baby clothes should be made with breathable, soft materials that won’t just keep them warm, but will help maintain the right temperature. Instead of heavy, itchy fabrics that make a baby sweaty and cause uncomfortable heat rash, all of our baby clothes are made with ultra-soft, temperature regulating bamboo viscose.

Bamboo viscose is deceptively lightweight, but it’s perfect for keeping your baby warm at night! More often than not, you don’t need more than one of our long-sleeved rompers with fold-over mittens and a brand new fold-over footies feature to keep your little one comfy and cozy all night long.

Cover the Head and Hands

Babies lose most of their body heat through their head and their hands, so keeping those covered will go a long way in keeping them toasty warm on chilly nights! When your baby is still being swaddled, their hands should be safely tucked in and warm. But for older babies and those who are natural escape artists, our zip rompers and knotted gowns come with fold-over mittens to cover those teeny tiny fingers.

Adding a beanie to cover your baby’s bald little head is important in the early months too. Babies lose a significant amount of heat through their heads, but covering it can decrease this loss by up to 18.9%! Our stretchy swaddles come with a beanie included so you have everything you need for blissful newborn sleep!

Create a Restful Environment

Now that your baby is dressed to the nines for a good night’s sleep, you need to make sure their bedroom is ready to go too. Whether your baby sleeps in your room or in their own separate nursery, check the temperature and make sure it’s not too hot or too cold for them to sleep comfortably. The ideal temperature is between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit (20 to 22 degrees Celsius). Using a firm mattress will also help keep your baby warm, as it is less likely to have significant airflow that will leave your baby chilled.

Want to give your baby a little extra heat boost at bedtime? Before you even get your baby dressed and swaddled, spend some time doing skin-to-skin! Your own body heat is a great way to teach your baby’s body to regulate temperature, plus there’s nothing as relaxing as cuddling up with a sleepy baby!

Heading Outside?

If you’re taking your baby outside, the same basic tips apply! Use the right fabric (like bamboo viscose), and keep those hands and heads covered. Since the AAP discourages little ones wearing a coat or snowsuit in the car seat, ditch the thick layers and layer up in lightweight, breathable fabrics instead.

When out of the car, snuggle up your babe with a beanie and cozy blanket, or keep your baby close to you for warmth by babywearing. You can even wear an oversized coat yourself that you can zip up to insulate both you and your little one on extra cold days.

When in Doubt, Wear Bamboo

We cannot stress enough how amazing bamboo viscose is for keeping babies warm and comfortable! It’s soft, it’s warm, it regulates their temperature, and it’s super easy to wash and care for. Sleep well, little dreamer!

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