How To Swaddle Baby

How To Swaddle Baby

‘Tis the season to be cozy and comfortable, so let’s get those babies swaddled tight and warm! We have you covered with our new stretchy swaddle/beanie sets available in 5 colors: FloralRosewood, Desert Camel, Antique Black & Dark Olive. Don't forget to add the “bow on top” to your swaddled baby girl with our new stretchy matching bow collection!

Now let’s take a look at the benefits of swaddling your little one, how to use a swaddle blanket and the safety recommendations.

Benefits of Swaddling:

  • Reminds babies of the comfort of the womb 
  • Calms the Moro reflex which is the disruptive reflex that wakes babies up 
  • Helps babies stay on their back which reduces risk of SIDS. Safety first! 
  • Increases the duration of REM sleep by helping infants return to sleep spontaneously, which may limit parental intervention! Yay sleep! 

Reference: We love Cara from Taking Cara Babies, she gave us the tools to help our son Hudson become a great sleeper!

Swaddling is extremely successful when done correctly and safely, so let’s go through swaddling how to’s!

How to Swaddle Correctly:

  • To swaddle, spread the blanket out flat, with one corner folded down. 
  • Lay the baby face-up on the blanket, with head above the folded corner. 
  • Straighten left arm, and wrap the left corner of the blanket over body and tuck it between right arm and the right side of body. 
  • Then tuck the right arm down, and fold the right corner of the blanket over body and under left side. 

  • Fold or twist the bottom of the blanket loosely and tuck it under one side of the baby. 
  • Make sure their hips can move and that the blanket is not too tight. You want to be able to get at least two or three fingers between the baby’s chest and the swaddle.

Tada! Reference:

AAP Safe Sleep Recommendations:

The AAP recommends parents follow the safe sleep recommendations every time they place their baby to sleep for naps or at nighttime:

  • Place your baby on back to sleep, and monitor to be sure they don't roll over while swaddled. 
  • Do not have any loose blankets in your baby’s crib. A loose blanket, including a swaddling blanket that comes unwrapped, could cover your baby’s face and increase the risk of suffocation. 

We hope that you are enjoying your holiday season, staying warm and getting good rest! 

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