How to Care For Your Bamboo Pjs

How to Care For Your Bamboo Pjs

We know that the amount of laundry that comes with littles ones is never-ending and at times can also be… overwhelming. So, we want to help! Our one of a kind loungewear is made of bamboo fabric. In order to keep that buttery soft feel and minimize pilling, we recommend these easy washing instructions:


Step One:
Turn the garment inside out before washing & drying.
Step Two: 
Wash in cold water on the normal or quick cycle. 
Step Three:
Dry on low heat setting.

For Dark Prints:

To avoid any dye bleeding we recommend the following washing tips:

  • For initial wash, wash by itself or with dark/similar colors.
  • Do not wash on the delicate cycle. Wash on normal or quick wash to prevent product from soaking in water.
  • Make sure to pull load out as soon as it is finished.
  • Place 2 Shout Color Catching Sheets in washing machine during the first couple washes as a precaution.
What is your favorite laundry hack?! Spread the love by letting us know below in the comments! Cheers to happy laundry!
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