Why We Love Muslin Swaddles

Why We Love Muslin Swaddles

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. And that is…muslin swaddles! These soft, breathable and multipurpose blanket swaddles are exactly what every mom needs to add to her daily routine. Why do we love them so much?! They are the universal solution for multitasking moms and can be found no further than your diaper bag. We are excited to be sharing a sneak peek of three of our new swaddle designs coming in our SS2020 launch as well as 7 different ways you can use your muslin swaddles!


Summer is approaching! During the warmer months, you want your baby to be comfortable in a soft breathable fabric. Our muslin swaddles provide that comfort!

Nursing Cover
If privacy during nursing is preferred this light blanket can be used to drape over you and baby during feeding. It offers full coverage while also allowing your baby fresh air and light.

Tummy Time
Lay your swaddle out on the floor for a soft clean spot to enjoy tummy time or playtime.

Lovey to Drag Around
Don’t be surprised if this becomes your baby’s most loved item!

Beach/ Park Blanket 
Being an on the go mama means that there are spontaneous beach/park days ahead. Use the swaddle as a place for your little one to lay/ sit while enjoying the beach or sitting on the grass.

A universal blanket to add a little warmth, anywhere!

As you can see, adding a muslin swaddle to your everyday routine creates efficiency! Which is your favorite way to use this swaddle?! We would love to know in the comments below!

 Psalm 139:14
14 I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

*The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends cribs should always be bare. Babies should never be left alone with swaddles or blankets. Loose blankets or swaddles should never be put loosely in crib. Blankets should never be draped over car seats in car.

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