Why Bamboo Pajamas are Perfect for a Good Night’s Sleep

Why Bamboo Pajamas are Perfect for a Good Night’s Sleep

If your child is a restless sleeper who frequently wakes up sweaty or itchy and uncomfortable, it may be because of what they’re wearing! The materials we choose to clothe our children in matter, especially at night and for little ones with delicate skin. This is why we designed our pajamas for toddlers with the best kid-friendly material possible for sweet dreams—bamboo viscose!

Sleep in Buttery Soft Comfort

You know how everyone compares softness to a baby’s skin? Well, have you ever felt how supple and soft baby skin is?! It’s the most relaxing feeling to snuggle up with your precious little blessing and breathe in that new baby smell. If you wish there was a fabric that felt as soft as your baby’s pudgy, kissable cheeks, then you need to get your hands on some bamboo viscose!

No fabric is quite as unbelievably soft as bamboo! Beyond cute, Instagram-worthy colors and patterns, your top priority is to wrap your baby or toddler in smooth, cozy pajamas that will help them snuggle in for a good night’s sleep. This along with its lightweight and stretchy feel makes bamboo viscose pajamas feel like a second skin!

Stay Cool All Night Long

Temperature regulation at night can be rough, especially for little babies whose bodies are still figuring it out! Bamboo pajamas for toddlers are super breathable and moisture-wicking for a dry, cool night of sleep in the most humid of weather.

You don’t need to switch your kiddo into heavy flannel pajamas in the colder months, though! Bamboo’s breathability makes it perfectly temperature controlling for any weather by letting in the warmth to keep the chills away. Bamboo may be thin, but it is mighty!

Soothe Your Sensitive Skin

Baby skin is very fragile and sensitive, and even toddlers can struggle with eczema or bum rashes! Bamboo viscose is hypo-allergenic, protecting your child’s skin from sensitivity of any kind. Since it’s also a very breathable and moisture-wicking material, you don’t have to worry about rashes of any kind when your little one sleeps in bamboo pajamas—not even heat rash!

For the potty trained kiddo in your life, we also have bamboo viscose briefs to stave off irritation in their most sensitive spots. Goodbye harsh chemicals, hello potty training bliss!

Bamboo Pajamas for Toddlers AND Moms

If you’re envious of your child’s ultra-soft Brave Little Ones bamboo PJs set, you don’t have to be! We believe bamboo pajamas should be accessible to little ones and the ones who raise them, which is why we also sell bamboo pajamas for women! Our lounge sets come in many of the colors and patterns you know and love from your child’s collection, so you can match your baby and stop saying, “I wish this came in my size!”

We are completely in love with bamboo, which is why it’s our fabric of choice at Brave Little Ones! Once you experience a luxurious night’s sleep in bamboo pajamas, we know you’ll love it too.

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