Valentine’s Day is Coming

Valentine’s Day is Coming

Valentine’s Day is approaching, and we are all about spreading the love! There is nothing more contagious than a small act of kindness. Whether it’s a subtle smile to a stranger, an intentional gift for a friend, a bouquet of flowers for yourself or maybe a soft cozy outfit for your baby! There is a reason love knows no limits, it was meant to have movement! Every item you purchase, sends love to Africa by providing over 400 meals a month to children. Let us introduce you to our favorite Valentine's Day inspired pieces ready to make those babes extra kissable.

Our one of a kind bamboo pjs have a fun texture and classic style is sure to take the rose. Wrapping your little bundle in our buttery soft zip rompers leave baby nestled in a warm hug. All the more reason to give extra snuggles, day and night! 


Our love never fails tee, speaks for itself! There is just a different kind of love felt once you have a baby. A special love that is unconditional and unexplainable. How much stronger God ‘s love is for us, as His children!? We know that we can rely on the love God has for us. His love never fails. This sweet simple piece is a reminder of that beautiful, unfailing love! 

Join us in the movement of spreading love! We would love to know in the comments below which outfit you love best!

1 Corinthians 16:14 

14 Let all that you do be done in love.

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