Top Sellers

Our top five best sellers here at Brave Little Ones are:

1. Brave As A Lion Shirt 

Your brave little ones can proudly display the source of their courage - the Lord! He is mighty and powerful, like a lion, and He wants us to be brave and courageous.

2. Child of God Shirt
The Bible says we are all children of God through faith in Christ Jesus. It's such a privilege to know that our Heavenly Father considers us His very own children.

3. Prayer Answered Shirt 
Your child is evidence of your prayers being answered! Now your child can share this message with those around you, serving as a joyful reminder of what God has done, and providing you with an opportunity to tell others about our awesome God! 

4. Peacemaker Shirt 
Our Peacemaker shirt serves as a perfect reminder to us to teach our children the value of acts of kindness, going the extra mile, helping make peace among their siblings or friends. 

5. Love Bears All Things ShirtWe can show Jesus to the world by the way that we love each other. Our prayer for this shirt is that it reminds us to love how our God loves.

We can't wait to see what shirt you pick for your little one. Make sure to tag us on Instagram

With Love, Tiffaney

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