Newborn Clothing Must Haves

Newborn Clothing Must Haves

Newborn Clothing Must Haves For First Month

The fourth trimester, we feel a tired mess. Am I right?! Breast pump on hip, wearing diapers alongside our newborn while staring at undone duties. Overwhelmed simultaneously with both messes and bliss. You may be batting heavy eyelids and wearing your husband's oversized tee, but mama I am here to remind you that you are also clothed in strength and dignity. Spoken from the big Man, Himself. That means that you are worthy and honored despite how you might be feeling! It is so important that you clothe yourself in His truths, so definitely wear that proud. Now, let us help you clothe your sweet baby and prepare you for easy, diaper accessible cozy outfits that you will love in those first 4 weeks!

Zip Rompers 

Double the zipper, double the accessibility! Our buttery soft bamboo zip rompers make diaper changes a breeze with a top and bottom zipper. Keep those tiny hands warm with our fold over mittens and their face protected from those sharp little nails! We recommend having four zip rompers on hand, trust me they will be wearing them on repeat. Our sweet little Nash didn't wear anything besides our stretchy pjs that whole first month.

Knotted Gown

We loved dressing our boys in knotted gowns for bedtime. They offer quick, easy diaper changes while keeping babies chest covered so they stay sleepy and warm. We recommend having two knotted gowns on hand.

Stretchy Swaddles

Cozy that tiny baby up in our soft stretchy swaddle. They allow movement while also keeping your baby in a cuddled, safe, taut position. Perfectly paired with a matching beanie in our same cloud kissed material. Our stretchy swaddles come with a top knot beanie as well. Highly recommend taking two stretchy swaddles to the hospital.

Top Knot Beanies

Having a top knot beanie on helps regulates baby's heat. In newborns, large amounts of heat are lost from their head, due to its high skin surface area. Wearing cozy cover on their head decreases the local heat loss by an average of 18% in all clothed and thermal conditions. Our top knot beanies were previously only sold in our stretchy swaddle sets, but not they can purchased individually. We recommend two top knot beanies.


Socks are a newborn necessity and it's something I totally forgot about when I brought my first born home. He was born in winter, so keeping those little feet warm was important. We love these cozy ones from Target.

Burp Cloths 

Double, triple…quadruple those burp cloths! Having them accessible in all the places makes cleaning messes easy. We personally love these from Amazon.

Proverbs 31:25 

  1. She is clothed in strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future. 
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