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Each day we can encourage our little ones to offer their hearts to God, to echo for themselves what we as parents pray for them daily. We can teach them to ask God to hold our hearts so tight to His that we will draw closer to Him and never wander away. Jesus assures us that if we put Him first, and come to Him with our worries and burdens, He will bless everything else. We just need to remember to seek Him, even as our hearts wander amongst all the other distractions of the world.

With Jesus, every day is a new adventure! He is our Savior, our best friend, our hero. The more we learn about Him, the more we love Him!  Whether it’s the story of Noah’s Ark, David and Goliath, Jesus walking on water or feeding the five thousand, the Bible is filled with countless tales of God working in awesome ways.  What a joy to pass on the stories of His amazing miracles to our kids, so they can be as wild about Jesus as we are!

Let's teach our children to sing with joy about God’s unfailing love (Ps. 59:16), to make joyful noise to the Rock of our salvation (Ps. 95:1-6), and to worship the Lord with gladness: come before His presence with joyful singing (Ps. 100:2). Encourage those around you to sing praise!

With Love, Tiffaney

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