My New Workspace + Editing Tips

Most days you'll find me in my downstairs office screen printing shirts and packaging orders. However, we just transformed our tiny patio and it's now my FAVORITE place to work. Once a week I will take flatlays and go on the patio to edit. In this blog I'll talk about the two top questions I receive: 1. Where we purchased items on our patio and 2. How I edit my flatlay photos. In this blog I'll link all the patio items and I'll give you some flatlay editing tips.

The Makeover

Our patio is tiny... I mean it's 7ft x 7.75 ft, which makes decorating quite challenging. We found the perfect size couch at World Market, which is now on sale for a steal! You can shop it here. It's super comfy, deep, and waterproof.

We had the hardest time finding an outdoor rug that fit our style and fit in such a small space. RugsUSA hit it out of the park with their Aperto Diamond Tribal Outdoor rug. The rug totally made our patio feel cozy and come together. It's really soft for an outdoor rug and doesn't seem to stain. You can shop it here. RugsUSA always has amazing sales/ discount codes. They currently have 40% off this rug!

Plants are a must for any makeover. A couple of our favorites are the: snake plant, fiddle leaf, and cactus. The fiddle leaf can sometimes be hard to keep alive (I don't have the best track record), but it's thriving on the patio and loves the bright indirect sunlight.

The curtains we purchased from Ikea. They are the perfect length! You can shop them here. We occasionally wash them and they wash very well! 



Editing Tips

I would say the number one question I get asked by other shops is how I get the background of our pictures to be so bright white. It has taken a lot of practice and editing to get the backgrounds really white without brightening the product. I hope these tips are helpful. Psss...the vector mask and layer I refer to can be found on the bottom right hand corner in Photoshop. Okay, let's get started. First, I use a white foam poster board from Hobby Lobby to use as the background. I like Hobby Lobby's the best, because it's the largest I found and doesn't show scuffs as easily, which means less editing. With my professional camera I take the flatlay photos and then edit them in Photoshop. In Photoshop I edit the photo in it's raw format first by adjusting the highlights etc. Then, I add a vector mask to the image. After clicking on the vector mask I get the paint brush tool and color the background white. Two important tips- The paint brush will actually be black and not white and I set the paint brush hardness to about 40%. It's important to make sure you are always coloring on the mask and not the actual photo. Then, you will need to add a solid white layer. Click on the paint bucket tool, change the color to white and drop the paint bucket on the layer. Finally, you will drag that layer to the bottom. Last step, you will switch the paint brush on the mask from black to white and you will go over the flatlay product, so it doesn't look faded. Although this might seem complicated you will get the hang of it very quickly. I will do a quick run through on my Instagram stories this week, so tune in if you want to see it in action.

With Love, Tiffaney


  • Wow! Your patio looks amazing!

    Also, loving the editing tips! 👌🏼 So kind of you to share.

    Thank you!

    Justine Pedroza
  • Wow! It’s crazy what a few simple items can do to a space!

  • You have amazing space! Would love to do a makeover somewhere in my house!

  • I love that makeover! It looks great!!

  • The makeover is amazing! Gives me inspo for our 1000sq ft house with two littles inside! And I love the editing tips! As a person who is dreaming of opening a boutique shop one day…so helpful!


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