It's All in The Details

It's All in The Details

We spend just as much time designing all the tiny details that go into creating our buttery soft loungewear as we do designing our graphics. We’ll be highlighting all tiny details that make our loungewear the best.


Ultra Soft Fabric
We spent countless hours finding the perfect fabric to make our loungewear out of. Bamboo was the softest and stretchiest we could find. We fell in love with the breathable, ultra soft feel and we know you will too.

Tagless Labels
No one likes those itchy neck tags. We’ve designed our tagless labels with your little one's best interest in mind. We know many little ones have sensitive skin or sensory issues and we wanted to make sure our loungewear was as comfy on the inside as they are on the outside.

Fold Over Mittens
Protect those tiny precious faces with our fold over mittens. We know loose mittens fall off and get lost, so creating our zip rompers and knotted gowns with fold over mittens attached was a must. Fold over mittens are made on all sizes up to size 6-12m.

Two-Way Double Zipper
We know wrangling your little one for diaper changes gets harder the older they get. Our two-way double zipper makes diaper changing a breeze, saving you time and effort when diaper changing. Simply zip up the bottom zipper to do those quick diaper changes while leaving the chest covered.

Free Of Harsh Chemicals 
Did you know any children's loungewear that does not have the bright yellow tag attached is treated with harsh flame retardant chemicals? Our loungewear is snug-fitting to meet CPSC compliance. By being CPSC compliant we are not required to spray our garments with the harsh, flame retardant chemicals used during production of most children’s clothes. When buying loungewear for your littles always look out for that bright yellow tag that ensures it’s free of harsh chemicals and safe for your little one.

We hope you enjoy all the tiny details in our loungewear as much as we do! 

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