How to Potty Train Your Little One

How to Potty Train Your Little One

It’s potty training time for us again! Nash just turned two in March and he has been showing signs that he's ready to start potty training. That has me revisiting the potty training guide I used for Hudson, Lora Jensen’s 3 Day Potty Training book. It's a game-changer, giving you everything you need to know to have a diaper-free home in just one weekend.

6 Signs Your Little One Might Be Ready For Potty Training

  1. Pulling at dirty diapers

  2. Hiding to pee or poop

  3. Showing interest in others’ use of the potty, or copying their behavior

  4. Having a dry diaper for a longer-than-usual time

  5. Awakening dry from a nap

  6. Telling you that they’re about to go, are telling you they have just gone in their diaper

My Must-Have Potty Training Gear

Before you’re ready to potty train, make sure you have all the essentials! Here’s what I recommend:

10-15 Pairs of Boxer Briefs / Underwear

You’ll need a lot of underwear to get your child started, since there will inevitably be a lot of accidents during the potty training process. Our Brave Little Ones briefs come in packs of three and are made with buttery soft bamboo viscose that launders easily for the frequent washing of the potty training days. They’re so comfy, your child will be so excited to ditch the diapers!

Potty or Toddler Seat for Toilet

A full-sized toilet can feel unstable and scary, so a toddler size potty or toddler add-on seat are great. I like to have both a toddler seat on the toilet and a little potty training toilet on the floor in the bathroom so my child can use whichever he is most comfortable with. If you’re training boys, a kid-sized urinal can be lots of fun for learning to pee while standing up!

Lots of Fluids

To naturally encourage frequent trips to the bathroom, you’ll want to keep your potty trainee drinking liquids as much as possible! Of course, you don’t want to force them if they’re not thirsty, but having a lot of fun options for fluids such as juice boxes, popsicles, and a fun new cup can make it easy to get your child to drink often.


Positive reinforcement is the way to go for potty training! The more your little one associates using the potty with good things, the more they’ll want to do it. You’ll want a mix of little rewards for regular victories like keeping underwear dry and finishing peeing on the potty (stickers, M&Ms, fruit snacks) and bigger rewards for major victories like going to the bathroom themselves or staying dry overnight (inexpensive little toys or bigger treats). You should also include lots of high-fiber snacks as rewards to avoid constipation!

Cleaning Supplies

Again, accidents will happen. It’s all part of the process! Make sure you have plenty of cleaning supplies handy for taking care of messes on the carpet or hard floors after you’ve helped your child make it to the bathroom to finish up. It’s okay to invite them to help you clean up if they want to, but don’t treat it as a consequence or punishment.

My Top Potty Training Tips

Get Rid of Crutches

Don’t give yourself the option to back out—throw those leftover diapers in the trash! It's even better if you have your toddler 'throw away' the diapers. Also, with this method, there's no pull-ups allowed, even at night. It’s underwear only from here on out!

Let Your Child Lead

Children love to feel independent and like they’re in control, so use that drive to encourage rapid potty training. Let your child be the one to throw away the rest of the diapers so they feel empowered right from the start. Instead of asking, “Do you have to go pee?” just remind them frequently, “Let me know when you have to go pee, okay?” This way, it’s always their idea and they learn to listen to the signals their body is sending. This also helps them to feel grown-up and trusted by you.

Stay with Them ALL DAY

Potty training is such an exciting and special time for you and your child, so clear your schedule! Expect to spend every second of every day with your child for the three days of potty training (with the exception of naptime) so you can catch them every single time they start to go potty and rush them to the bathroom. This can be a really fun weekend of quality time reading books, playing games, or watching your little one’s favorite show, so have fun with it!

You Can Do It!

Potty training doesn’t have to be a stressful, overwhelming thing. It can be a really precious time for you and your toddler. I highly recommend checking out Lora Jensen’s E-Book to read up on the full, detailed three-day potty training process. She also has great tips for dealing with bowel movements and night training!

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