Bath Time Essentials

Bath Time Essentials

Isn't bath time the best?! There is nothing sweeter than witnessing flat hand splashes with accompanied giggles, a clean, warm and soft skinned baby wrapped in a towel. But let’s be real, we mainly love it because it’s our gateway to bedtime! Que the silent applause, you did another successful day, Mama! Today, we will be sharing with you a few of our bath time essentials. 

Pajama Party 

Slip into a cozy pair of our Brave Little Ones pajamas

Simple Suds

We love our Tubby Todd bath time shampoo and body wash to clean our crew! 

Play Participation

Foam sticking letters makes bathtime fun while also teaching and reviewing the basic fundamentals like numbers, colors and the alphabet!  

Buoyant Books

Bathtime books are the best! They are great for bath time entertainment! 

Toddler Toys 

This penguin slide has been our favorite bath time essential to play with! 

Safe Splashing

Using a cover for the bath spout helps little heads from knocking against the metal. 

Drain Dome 

Covering the drain with this during bath makes it a lot easier to keep little fingers from pulling the plug!

Cozy & Clean

A soft hooded towel after a bath to cozy up in!

Supple & Soft 

Adding body lotion after a bath keeps your baby's skin nice and soft! 

Reading Routine

We love to finish our bedtime routine with our favorite books!

Kids love consistency as they are able to predict how to act! Consistency provides repetition that strengthens connections in the brain. So putting together a good consistent nighttime routine is key to an easy smooth transition to bedtime, Thank goodness for bath time fun! 

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