Prayer Answered Shirt Stories

I prayed for this child, and the LORD has granted me what I asked of him. 1 Samuel 1:27

God answers prayers everyday and our prayer answered shirt is a wonderful reminder of the miracles He's performed. I hear an abundance of incredible stories about how this shirt has touched peoples hearts and I wanted a place where those remarkable stories could be shared with others. My prayer is that this blog brings encouragement to those struggling and waiting for their prayers to be answered and thankfulness to those who have had their prayers answered. 

Thank you for being vulnerable and sharing your testimony.

God Bless


With Love, Tiffaney


  • When my future husband asked me out for coffee I choked as “not thank you” stuck in my throat and I heard myself say hesitantly “um, yeah, ok.” I was twice divorced with 4 children and had just come through the hardest time in my life. A time I wasn’t sure I would survive. I had no desire to explain my situation to someone. A single mother of 4- I was completely at peace with living my life with my children and not having a partner to share it with. But I didn’t really want to talk about it.
    A few days later we met for coffee and I opted to shoot first (so to speak) by asking how many children he had (a good looking guy in his 30’s certainly had been married, right?) He said “Oh I’ve never been married….” seeing the surprise on my face he added “you know I always wanted a big family, I prayed for one my whole life, but I guess God just didn’t have it in the cards for me.” His eyes actually glistened a little as the disappointment in that statement was evident. It was all I could do to hold back a chuckle as I thought “boy oh boy does God work in mysterious ways”
    Over the next few days I got to know this amazing man, who had grown up with privilege but ended up facing demons few conquer. He was amazing, and gentle and funny. I knew he deserved the family he had always wanted. But I was also sure that I was done having children. I didn’t think it was fair to deny him a child of his own. One night, after we had been on a few dates, I dreamed I had a daughter named Willow. The next day, he came to pick me up for lunch with a bag of Willow blend coffee from Starbucks. The rest is history.

    We have been married almost 4 years and Willow was born a year and a half ago. God knew the desires of our hearts and was guiding us to our destinies; even when it seemed we had steered too far from that which we had prayed for for it to ever come to fruition. When I put the ANSWERED PRAYER shirt on sweet Willow I thought “never has there been a statement more true”. She is the answer to so many prayers.

  • It took us 20 months to get pregnant. Through lots of prayer and hope through friends who were given dreams of me being pregnant. I just gave this area to the Lord. I delighted myself in Him. Told God I just wanted Him and that if I didn’t have another child I would be okay. Then the next month I find out I am pregnant. It’s like the scripture that says, “delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.” I truly chose him, and He gave me my desires. Pretty cool.

  • I would love to share! Actually, we have a pretty good story, I think, that made your shirt totally appropriate for our little guy. Right before I got pregnant with Griffin, I miscarried his sister. It was the hardest thing we’ve gone through as a family and we just prayed constantly that God would soothe our aching souls. Well, I didn’t even have a cycle before I was pregnant with Griffin. It was such joy for this new little life, but mixed with the lingering heartache for the loss of our child I worried and prayed and fretted and BEGGED God to let this child growing in my belly survive. Exactly nine months to the day that we lost his sister, Griffin Maverick was born early into this world. He was beautiful and perfect and a true answer to SO many prayers. A month into his short little life he got really, really sick. He was admitted to the hospital with respiratory distress and dehydration. We spent 8 days in the picu with constant uncertainties to how his stay there would end. I was told once that I was LUCKY he was admitted before he just stopped breathing in his sleep. Talk about heart wrenching! But I knew there was no luck involved. Griffin was covered in prayers and love and at the end of those uncertain 8 days, I took my beautiful baby boy home for the second time. Prayers from family, friends and complete strangers healed him from his mysterious illness and now he is a happy, thriving 15 month old. It fills my heart with joy knowing his life already is such aBeautiful testimony to the power of prayer! Thanks for sharing these stories! -Cara C

    Cara C
  • Most know of #KaleEvan aka #THEbabybird but if you don’t, quick intro—- married LOML @eathnkirk24 on 7/30/10. Got pregnant with a honeymoon baby. Carried his sweet life for 42 weeks 2 days. Knew something was wrong towards the end because contractions were so strong but he wasn’t coming. Medical staff failed me. I tore my body apart & broke his brain in the process.

    When someone is deprived of oxygen for a length of time, they call it #hypoxicischemicencephalopathy HIE. This along with #traumaticbraininjury harsh enough they said it looked like the worst car wreck damage they’d ever seen. My body wrecked his brain like a head on collision.

    Not okay.

    Our sweet Kale fought out long enough for mothers day, my birthday, & fathers day. After 45 days on this earth surrounded every moment by love and affection, our sweet boy took his last breath. It was the sweetest sigh of relief I had ever heard. My heart broke in two. Weeks before, I had sent away the chaplain and told him his God did this to my kid. Weeks before, I sat with Eathn on a bench & said the same exact thing, that the same exact time. Something parents couldn’t do alone. Making decisions far too hard, too easily. Someone, something was giving us this wisdom & strength. I felt at peace with everything we chose. I didn’t know my chaplains God, but somehow I felt him here & knew he was guiding us through this. Kale passed away 6/21/11. A Tuesday. Right after a nap laying between mommy & daddy. He snored so loud and it was just enough assurance that I even caught some sleep. When we all woke up, I knew the time was near. The day before, Kale had stopped breathing while Eathn ran to the store. I called Eathn and told him to get home immediately. Once I hung up the phone, I fell onto my knees. An independent, strong, never cries or begs woman FELL to her knees. Crumbled onto the floor and begged. As loud as I could and as strong as I could.I begged him, “You know I want to be a mother more than anything in this world. Why would you take this from me—the biggest joy in my life? If you are real, if you love me like everyone promises, despite all odds, you will place another child in my arms!” I NEEDED to be pregnant again. I NEEDED to have a healthy baby. I NEEDED to mother another child. I NEEDED this. I was bold. Selfish. Audacious. I asked. I begged. I pleaded. Sitting on my knees holding my withering, blue son in my arms, sobbing so loud neighbors could hear; hoping Kale would take another breath. I was throwing a fit. I begged him to make my wildest dream come true. To heal my baby, or take him if he had to, and allow me another shot. As the day moved on, we were allowed another 24 hours with Kale. His final moments played out exactly as peaceful as one could hope for. He took his final breath nestled between Eathn & I taking turns rocking him and singing to him. It was (if there were) the most perfect way to exit this life. Less than a month later, my womb was filled once again. Despite all odds, probability and estimation. At 39 weeks, at 07:30:04 on March 30, #KalebEaston was pulled from my body during the most pleasant, euphoric, comforting surgical procedure there has ever been. No fear took residency in the operating room. Only love, comfort and warmth surrounded Eathn, Kaleb, the surgical staff, my mother in law and myself. Kaleb arrived screaming and peeing, exactly how I had dreamt the night before (God knew exactly how to ease any anxiety or fear that may have lingered). They placed him on my chest, he wiggled his way up and began nursing immediately. Euphoric—— most certainly the only word worthy of the gift given to me on that day. As we race upon Kaleb’s 4th birthday, its amazing to see God’s gift still unfolding. This little guy was programmed so perfectly for us. He is the kindest soul I have ever met, sweet to the core and is always looking to cheer someone up. He talks about his brother as if he’s still here sometimes. He loves visiting Kale’s “spot” (Cook Children’s #WalkOfHonor for children who donate their organs #lifegift #donatelife) He wows us each and every day. He is the gift I prayed for- down to the dimples. My selfish request. There is no doubt in my mind, God heard my cries that day, pulled out his toolbox and got to work. For little old me- the sinner who discounted his existence and abilities. Kaleb resembles his brother, but does not mirror him. He is daddy’s replica and mommy’s personality clone. He gives the best hugs, loves music and has an arsenal of the sweetest and funniest things ever to leave a toddler’s mouth. He makes every step forward so much brighter. Though our arms remain empty for one of our children, our hearts spill over with the love we have for each and every one of them.

    To learn more about #KaleEvan , #HypoxicIschemicEncephalopathy , #CerebralPalsy , PediatricHospice , or #PalliativeCare please visit @KalesKisses

    Dorie Kirk
  • When I was 3 months pregnant I found out that my baby had Down Syndrome. It was a shock at the time and my husband and I were only 23 years old. April 9, 2014 I gave birth to my little guy Jansen Bo. He never cried and was completely blue. The NICU team whisked him away and I didn’t see him for 3 hours. He had to be put on very high flow oxygen to help him breathe. We knew he had a hole in his heart and the original plan was to do surgery at 6 months so he could put on some weight. At 5 weeks old he was still in the NICU and went into Congestive Heart Failure and cardiac arrest. They did open heart surgery 2 days later. It turned out he had two holes in his heart, one being extremely large. They also discovered that his heart is backwards, it’s a complete mirror image of yours and mine. This is very rare! At 9 weeks of age he had a feeding tube placed into his stomach. Due to an airway deficiency, he is unable to eat by mouth. In May 2015 he had corrective surgery on both of his eyes due to severe crossing and in August 2015 he had tubes placed in his ears to fix moderate hearing loss he had in both ears. He is 22 months old now. He has mastered crawling and is just now learning to stand by leaning or holding onto something. He receives two types of therapy weekly to help reach his physical milestones. His heart is still not completely healthy and we are anticipating at least one more open heart surgery, we just hope we can wait a few more years ?
    We are so proud of our little guy and love the journey he is taking us on! Thank you for taking the time to read this!


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