The Meaning Behind Our Shirts

The Meaning Behind Our Shirts

Brave Little Ones was started to provide Faith Based shirts that spread a positive message and this continues to be our mission. We want to make sure every shirt has Christ in the center of the design. The message of the gospel is important and what better way to spread Gods word than wearing a stylish shirt? When we wear shirts that have a Christ filled message it empowers us to share the good news of God’s love for us. 

We currently offer shirts in the following designs:

  • "Child of God"-Galatians 3:26
  • "Kindness Does The Heart Good"- Ephesians 4:32
  • "Brave As A Lion"- Psalm 31:24
  • "Prayer Answered"- 1 Samuel 1:27. 

Child of God was our first design when we opened up shop and it continues to be our best selling. How powerful three words can be. We are ALL children of God.

Kindness Does The Heart Good was our second design. Being kind truly does do the heart good. Being kind is something we need to teach our little ones every single day.  

Brave As A Lion was inspired by the power of a lion in the bible and how important it is to always be brave.

Our most recent design, Prayer Answered, was laid on my heart one day while I was thinking about how many prayers God has answered. This shirt speaks to SO many in SO many different ways. For some, God blessed them with a baby they never thought they could have. For others, God healed the sick or blessed them with adoption. Whatever the circumstance may be, our God is mighty and will answer prayers if it is His will and in His perfect timing.

We want our shirts to effectively witness for Jesus, without having to say a word. How cool is it that we can have our little ones be witnesses for Jesus Christ through awesomely designed and hand screen printed shirts?

P.S. We will have TWO new shirt designs this month. One says "God Is Bigger" and the other one says "It can move mountains FAITH- Matthew 17:20". Can't wait to announce them tomorrow. Keep your eyes open.

God Bless 

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