Teaching Little Ones About Jesus

Teaching Little Ones About Jesus

How to start teaching your little ones about Jesus. We are all children of God and teaching your little ones that may come easy to some parents and more difficult for others. If you weren't raised in a family that talked about Jesus on a regular basis it might be more challenging for you to stir up those conversations. I am by no means an expert. To be completely honest I don't have any little ones yet, so I can't speak from a parent perspective. However, I was a teacher in the 2 & 3 year old class at church and I have a little one in my family that I have learned a lot from. Here are some easy ways to start a conversation about Jesus with your littles:


You know the saying "Monkey See, Monkey Do" well that couldn't be more true. The best way to teach your children to pray is leading by example. Start by explaing to them that prayer is a conversation between them and God and that they can talk to him about anything they want anytime and anywhere. Easy ways to start adding prayer to your everyday life is at meal and bed time. After you've prayed ask your little one if there's anything that they would like to pray about. (Your heart will explode when they want to thank God for something as simple as their milk). It's important that they are always reminded that God always loves to hear from them.


Let them pick out an age appropriate version of the Bible and try and read it with them every day. After reading ask them what Jesus was doing or saying and talk with them about what Jesus wants us to learn from each story.


Take them to church. Teach them that we go to church, to be with others who love Jesus, and that we love to learn about Him with our sisters and brothers in Christ. After church on your lovely drive home try and stir up a conversion about what they learned at church or what questions they have about Jesus. (Trust me. They have plenty of questions). Some of which are ones you won't have the answers to and that's completely ok. If they feel comfortable asking you questions at a young age they will feel comfortable asking you deeper questions as they continue their walk with God.

Get Crafty

There's a ton of fun activities online or at your local church to get your little ones thinking and talking about Jesus. The coloring page below is a great way to start the conversation today. While your little one colors this awesome drawing by Roxie Carroll start the conversation about how God made everything. I recommend reading Genesis. Genesis teaches us that the earth is well made and good. People are special to God and unique. God creates and sustains all life. 

God Bless 

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