My Trip To Africa

Hello Friends and Family! 

I’m Tiffaney Youngblood and the face behind this shop. I am so excited to tell you that God is sending me on a mission trip to serve in Africa from December through January. As many of you know, here at Brave Little Ones we are involved with an organization called Under His Umbrella; and with them we will be setting out to Bugersea, Rwanda, located in central Africa. I am even more excited to visit Rwanda, because with your support we have been sponsoring an angel named Betty and through this opportunity I will finally have the chance to meet her and her family! I am so blessed and mostly humbled to be able to take a couple weeks out of my winter break to work with the pastors, children, and women in Bugersea. When this opportunity to visit Rwanda was brought to me, my heart dropped. I have been praying to pour out mine and Jesus’s love internationally since I gave my life to God and I knew He would make it possible when the timing was right. Our main goal is to shine the love of God into the lives of the 355 students enrolled at the school built by the charity there just last year. I hope that I will be able to share with the people of Rwanda that we are ALL children of God and how important it is to always be brave. Check out Under His Umbrella here.

God Bless!



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