5 Small Shops Perfect For Your Baby

5 Small Shops Perfect For Your Baby

Welcome Home Baby 

Are you getting ready to welcome home a sweet new baby or looking for the perfect baby shower gift? These 5 small shop gifts are perfect for that sweet new baby. 

1. Our knotted infant gowns are the perfect bringing home baby outfit! They make diaper changing a breeze. Not to mention, your new bundle of joy will love the coziness of being dressed in this soft gown. You can shop it here.2. The Slumberkins Slumber Sloth is the most snuggly sleepy creature around. It has the intention to promote relaxation and attachment around bedtime. You can also download the free sleepytime rhyme. OR Hazel Village has the sweetest organic handmade Woodland Friends. Each animal is hand made from organic cotton, ready to become a lifelong friend. Because the animals' features are hand stitched, they are soft and safe for babies. Shop Slumberkins Sloths here and Hazel Village animals here.


3. Modern burlap swaddles are organic, breathable, versatile, and ultra soft. Also, muslin is known as a safer alternative to other fabrics to protect your baby from overheating and reducing the risk of SIDS. The material is lightweight, breathes well and helps to regulate your baby's body temperature. You can also use the swaddles as a floortime play rug, stroller cover, nursing shield, lightweight blanket, wall tapestry, changing mat, burp cloth and much more! You can shop the "I Prayed For this Child" one here or more styles here.4. This adorable shoe is made by Piper Finn. Their shoes provide a perfect staple piece for your baby’s shoe wardrobe. They are easy to put on, easy to take off, and most importantly, designed with careful attention to your baby’s feet. Durable yet breathable and 100% genuine leather. You can shop this style here or other styles here.5. These beautiful gender neutral baby pacifier clips are made from 100% BPA and toxin free food grade silicone teething beads. They are toxin free and perfectly safe for your little one to chew on. You can shop here.

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