Our New Site

Our New Site

Hello everyone! My name is Tiffaney Youngblood and I'm the face behind Brave Little Ones. I opened up shop on April 1, 2015. HOORAY! We've been opened 6 months. I would first like to say thank you to all of my lovely customers. I wouldn't be able to do it without you. With all that being said I figured it was time for a new site. I've been working incredibly hard on this new site the last couple of weeks and I'm thrilled to share the new features with y'all. Our new features include:

  • Product Reviews- YAY! You are now able to review each one of our products. 
  • Newsletter- We now have a newsletter that we will be sending out once a month via email. Make sure you sign up at the bottom of the front page. Secret: We will be sending Black Friday & Cyber Monday sneak peaks. We will also have special promotions that only the awesome people that sign up will receive. 
  • Paypal- We now accept Paypal! 
  • International Orders- We can ship worldwide through our site. No more waiting until I get to the post office to see how much your order will cost to ship. We now ship worldwide for a flat rate of $13.
  • Hashtags- When you #hashtag your photos on Instagram with the hashtag #bravelittleonesrocks your photo will show up under the product you're wearing on our site.
  • Colored Product Buttons- I love this part! Instead of listing all the colors available (Zzzz..boring) we added these cute little color buttons, which I think are completely adorable.

    And there you have it those are the main features that our new site has! We are SO excited about our new site and we hope you love it too! 

    THANK YOU for not only being a valued customer, but for also being my friend!

    God Bless

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