2022 Year in Review

2022 Year in Review

This year was full of changes and blessings, from moving to growing Brave Little Ones to my own little ones growing up more and more each day! As we head into 2023, here are some of the highlights of my 2022:

My Own Year in Review

You all know this brand is so personal to me, so I can’t do a year in review without sharing what this year has brought for me and my own family. I hit the big 3-0 this year and celebrated in Florida, which was a blast! Our little ones are also growing way too fast. Hudson turned 3 this year and Nash turned 1. We’ve also been watching our sponsor child, Betty, grow up from afar, and we’re so blessed to be a part of her life through Under His Umbrella!

One of the biggest changes this year, though, was moving. What started as me and Jon just visiting Nashville three times quickly turned into us falling in love with the state of Tennessee, so we sold our California home and purchased a new home in Tennessee…without ever seeing it! Luckily, our new neighborhood is amazing, so it all worked out!

Brave Little Ones’ Year in Review

With growth, comes change, so we had to do a lot of moving around this year. We said goodbye to our shipping team in California and moved fulfillment to Utah, which was one of the toughest business decisions I’ve ever had to make. I’ll be forever thankful for the California team that helped our business thrive with their amazing fulfillment work!

New Releases

We launched a TON of new styles this year across all of our products, one of which became the new top seller! Here are all the styles that we shared with you and your little ones in 2022:

I love seeing your little ones enjoying all of our fun and comfy styles, so definitely keep sending those photos our way!

Our Year in Numbers

For those of you who enjoy a good stat, here are some of my favorite figures for 2022:

  • We donated over 8,000 meals
  • We gave away over $18,000  in free product over on our Instagram
  • And we officially hit 100k Instagram followers! (Thanks for following along!)

The same week we hit 100k followers, we hit our biggest business achievement yet, and it was all thanks to you who have supported us! Seriously, none of this would be possible without you.

One for the Books

This year was by no means little, and it required a lot of bravery! It had some major highs, like a photo shoot in Hawaii and going on ABC news, but it also was not without its challenges and emotions, especially with such a big move for both my family and the business.

I am so thankful for each one of you who has supported Brave Little Ones this year and every year before. You are the ones who make me brave enough to keep going and let this business grow wildly beyond what I ever thought possible! Here’s to another amazing year in 2023!

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