God is Really, Really Real

Are you looking for an easy way to teach your little ones about God and all the miraculous work he did? I found an amazing book that helps us dig deeper into explaining bible stories to our little ones. The book is called,"God is Really, Really Real ". My favorite part about this book is the "Help Them Understand" paragraphs and the “Tuck-in Questions”. 

Explaining bible stories can be challenging, but these paragraphs make it easy peasy. This book is the perfect bedtime story. The “Tuck-in Questions” are questions you can ask your child after reading, so you get a better understanding what they got out of the story. It's so important that we not only read to our children about Gods Word, but we must also teach them the importance of every story. This book helps our kids better understand their faith. It has 30 essential biblical truths, great illustrations, it's easy to understand, and helps us dig deeper into the Word with our children. There is nothing more precious than helping our children grow in Christ!

You can purchase the book here. Use discount code "Reallyreal29" for an extra 25% off.

With Love, Tiffaney

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