Cozy Halloween Costume Ideas for Babies and Toddlers

Cozy Halloween Costume Ideas for Babies and Toddlers

Happy October! Now that we’re deep into fall, it’s time to start thinking about the holiday season! First on the list? Halloween! Although not everyone celebrates this one, it’s still a fun time full of family, candy, and pumpkin patches. Of course, for the kiddos it’s always exciting to get to dress up in a costume.

To keep your baby or toddler warm and cozy for whatever fall events you attend, here are 10 costume ideas you can recreate with a few easily DIYable accessories and some Brave Little Ones pajamas.

10 Cozy Costume Ideas for Your Little One

1. Cookie Monster

This is probably my favorite costume idea because it’s the perfect way to use our adorable new Milk & Cookies lovey! Just dress your baby in blue ribbed pajamas and let them pretend munch on their adorable new cookie lovey.

Want to make the costume even more obvious? Add some big googly eyes to a blue headband!

2. Max (Where the Wild Things Are)

Who else loved this book when they were little? If you have a particularly wild child, they would love stomping around the neighborhood as Max from Where the Wild Things Are! Use our new ribbed cream zip romper as a base, then add some big buttons down the front and a fuzzy tail. If your child is old enough, you can have them help you make the crown, just like Max did!

3. Gray Mouse

For another quick and easy costume idea, all you need are some ears and a tail paired with super soft dark charcoal gray pajamas to turn your baby into the cutest little mouseling. You can even add a tutu to make it even more adorable.

4. Hamburglar (or Robber)

For another childhood throwback, transform your baby into Hamburglar with a black and white stripe zip romper or set and a red necktie. Bonus points if you can convince Dad to dress up as Ronald McDonald.

If this sounds too themed for your taste, keep it simple and add a black beanie or matching striped bow to dress your baby as a classic robber.

 5. Black Bat

Just like the mouse, this one is easy to DIY with some basic Jet Black comfy PJs and a few accessories. Really, all you need are some bat wings, but I think adding a black beanie with some pointy bat ears attached would be cute too—and help keep your little one warm!

6. M&Ms

Moms of twins, this one is great for you since you can just use different colors to create matching costumes. Bundle your babies up in either Pinecone brown pajamas for the chocolate M&M or mustard yellow pajamas for the peanut M&M and attach a white “m” to their tummies.

7. Pumpkin

I saw a mom create this outfit with her sweet pumpkin and had to share it! When you want to go trick-or-treating or to the harvest festival at church, keep your baby warm with a pumpkin hat from Pine and Poppy, our pumpkin pullover, and terra cotta ribbed pajamas. This would also be an adorable outfit for the pumpkin patch!

8. Butterfly

Let’s try something a bit more colorful! Like the black bat, all you need for this one are some on-theme wings to wear over cozy pajamas. You could really go with any color for the pajama base, but I recommend either sage green or  eggplant purple

9. Candy Corn

Here’s another costume idea with Pine and Poppy! Pair mustard yellow pajamas with their candy corn hat (or knit your own version) for the sweetest little treat on the block.

Make Any Costume a Cozy One

Whether you workshop one of these ideas or go a completely different direction, remember that October evenings can get pretty chilly! Not all costumes are going to have the warmth needed to keep your child warm, and older kids probably won’t want to wear a jacket that might cover up their cool costume too much.

To make sure your kiddos stay warm for hours of Halloween fun, layer some pajamas underneath their costume! Our two-piece sets are available from 2T - 6-8Y, and are made with a very lightweight bamboo viscose material that will keep them warm without disrupting the fit of their costume. For babies, our zip rompers come in size NB-19-24M and come with fold-over hands (6-12M & smaller) and some have Fold-Over Feet to keep them from losing that essential heat.

Whether you’re going out on the town or staying home, I hope you have a safe and joyful kick-off to the holiday season with your precious little ones. Enjoy the coziest time of the year!

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